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Culinary Arts and Restaurant Services Competition Integrated Assessment


Note: Please ensure that you have consent to assess both units before you purchase this assessment. 

An integrated Student Assessment (ISA) is a single assessment for more than one unit standard. The Integrated Tutor Assessment Guide (ITAG) will be available for download once you have purchased the ISA.

This assessment includes units 28106 and 28107. People credited with these standards can demonstrate knowledge of the guidelines for competing in culinary arts or restaurant services competitions and of planning to enter a competition. They can also prepare, produce and present a product or service for a culibary arts or restaurant services competition.

Unit Standard(s) details:
Unit Title Unit No Credits Level
28106 : Demonstrate knowledge of preparing for a culinary arts and restaurant service competition : Version = 1 28106 5 3
28107 : Prepare, produce and present a product or service for a culinary arts or restaurant service competition : Version = 2 28107 5 3
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