Schools/Provider Blended Individual Training Pack

18497 - Demonstrate knowledge of culinary products, terms, and food preparation methods

NAV Code: ITP18497BSPS
This unit standard is for people working as food service staff in a broad range of food and beverage service outlets. People credited with this unit standard are able to demonstrate knowledge of culinary products, and culinary terms and food preparation methods.
This blended online pack includes:
  • Online Student Learning Material
    Your student accesses this via ServiceIQ's eLearning platform. Note that online learning material will expire 12 months from when you allocated it to the student.

  • Printed Student Assessment
    This assessment is a printed document that will be couriered out to you.

  • Digital Supporting Documents
    The digital files will be available from the ‘Downloadable products area’ within your ServiceIQ shop account. For a full list of what is included in the pack see the table below. The activity book PDF is not interactive and is intended to be printed.

Items included in this pack:

Product Type Product Title
Assessments 18497: Demonstrate knowledge of culinary products and terms
Online Learning Material 18497: Demonstrate knowledge of culinary products, terms and food preparation methods
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